Friday, May 13, 2016

How to obtain all logs within a period of time from the RAC environment

While investigating an event or to provide information to oracle's support, a number of logs must be gathered.

Oracle made this easy with tfactl. If an event say ORA-4031, occured at 10pm, and an investigation is performed with oracle support's help the next day.

 Run the following command in a range one hour before and after the problem occured:
export ORACLE_HOME=/u01/app/12.1.0/grid export ORACLE_SID=+ASM1 cd $ORACLE_HOME/bin
tfactl diagcollect -from "May/11/2016 21:00:00" -to "May/11/2016 23:00:00"
This will collect all cluster logs, alert logs, database logs, listener's log, scan listener's log and so on pack it nicely in a zip file. All that's left is have a look. I have solved many issues just running this command and looking at the content produced.

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